Monday, 7 December 2015


Today I was making my own dinosaur and I will also be naming it whatever I want. and so I could it a Swirlsorus. It lived in the Creatashes period.

A Swirlysorus was a Meat eater and it only had 4 legs. A Swirlysorus only drank Pepsi and water. It also ate fruit like apples and bananas and it also ate passionfruit.

A Swirlysorus tail was like a zigzag. It had a small head and it had a big stomach. It had a really really long tail it was longer than a apple.  
A Swirlysorus is a really funny dinosaur and it eats a lot of funny things isn't that crazy. It iven drinks wired things.

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  1. Hi Aisha I am Olga from St Pius Auckland. I like how do you write a reflection about making your own dinosaur. Keep up the good work.


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