Thursday, 24 December 2015

In the Holiday

In the Holidays I went to to Panmure Library and I asked if I can sigh up for Dare to Unlock the Secret so they said "Sure why not" So they they asked some question and they gave me the book and they explained what i have to do. So this is how it works in each question you get right you get a stamp and when you got 4 stamps on 1 page you get a sticker. And so when you finish your book you go on the whole off fame. Isn't that cool and so I got my whole book finished and then I was in the whole of fame.

Monday, 7 December 2015


Today I was making my own dinosaur and I will also be naming it whatever I want. and so I could it a Swirlsorus. It lived in the Creatashes period.

A Swirlysorus was a Meat eater and it only had 4 legs. A Swirlysorus only drank Pepsi and water. It also ate fruit like apples and bananas and it also ate passionfruit.

A Swirlysorus tail was like a zigzag. It had a small head and it had a big stomach. It had a really really long tail it was longer than a apple.  
A Swirlysorus is a really funny dinosaur and it eats a lot of funny things isn't that crazy. It iven drinks wired things.