Friday, 11 September 2015

Fireman David

Fireman David came to room 12 at Pt England school on Friday. Fireman David talked to us about a fireman. After that we got to ask fireman David some questions.  The whole of team 3 came and there was heaps of people. It was awesome!

What did fireman David talk to us about?
Fireman David talked to as about how to become a fireman. He talked to us about what  a fireman does.  He told us that he gets money for sleeping. David talked to us about   
all kinds of things that a fireman done.

What does a fireman do?
A fireman does a lot of different things so one of them are putting out fires. What When a fire happens somewhere then they come on a firetruck and have large hoses to put the fire out. They also help people when someone is in a place that is high.

What kind of person do you have to be?
To be a fireman you have to be confident and brave and he also has to like the job. He should honest and trustworthy. You have to be capable to solve problems and also have to  
be able to communicate with others.

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