Thursday, 24 December 2015

In the Holiday

In the Holidays I went to to Panmure Library and I asked if I can sigh up for Dare to Unlock the Secret so they said "Sure why not" So they they asked some question and they gave me the book and they explained what i have to do. So this is how it works in each question you get right you get a stamp and when you got 4 stamps on 1 page you get a sticker. And so when you finish your book you go on the whole off fame. Isn't that cool and so I got my whole book finished and then I was in the whole of fame.

Monday, 7 December 2015


Today I was making my own dinosaur and I will also be naming it whatever I want. and so I could it a Swirlsorus. It lived in the Creatashes period.

A Swirlysorus was a Meat eater and it only had 4 legs. A Swirlysorus only drank Pepsi and water. It also ate fruit like apples and bananas and it also ate passionfruit.

A Swirlysorus tail was like a zigzag. It had a small head and it had a big stomach. It had a really really long tail it was longer than a apple.  
A Swirlysorus is a really funny dinosaur and it eats a lot of funny things isn't that crazy. It iven drinks wired things.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Trip to the Museum

On a Cloudy Friday morning room 11 and 12 went to the Auckland Museum. We arrived there a bit late because the year 7 were going on a trip to Rainbows  End. There weren't just teachers there were children's parents who came to help out. We went to the Auckland Museum so we can learn about dinosaurs fossils.

Paragraph 1:
We then finally got there, after a long drive to the Auckland Museum. All the kids hopped of the bus and were split into groups with our caregiver. We went group by group to the front of the Museum. Along the way you could see other people and hear lot’s of noise. A man named Josh introduced himself to us. He showed us fossils of dinosaurs and asked a lot of questions. We even saw a dinosaur's head!!

Paragraph 2:
After our lesson with Josh we had our lunch outside on the Mountain.  When we all finished our lunch Mrs Squires said ” Ok listen up we are only allowed in this big square ok”. Some people played rugby and some people were feeding the pigeons, others were still relaxing and eating.

Paragraph 3:
My favorite part of going to the Auckland Museum was when Mrs Stickland and Mr Moran said “ Who wants to go sliding down the hill in clean rubbish bag”. Everybody wanted to do it but I didn't want to because I did not want to get dizzy and I also got to sit all by myself looking after the gear.

That was a really fun day at the Auckland Museum. I felt so happy because I have never ever have done that before. I learnt so much about dinosaurs and how they survived.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tyrannosaurus Rex

A long long time ago in the Cretaceous period, a dinosaur called Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the 3 biggest dinosaurs. It had really sharp teeth and it also lived 85 million years ago.

Paragraph 1:
The Tyrannosaurus Rex could eat a piece of meat just in one bite because it has a big mouth. A tyrannosaurus Rex fossil was found in many places like montana and Texas and Utah and Wyoming and canada and also Mongolia.

Paragraph 2:
A Tyrannosaurus Rex was a meat eater. It had small arms about 5 feet long. Did you know that it bone was hollow so that means it's bone was easy to break. It jaws was half meters.

paragraph 3:
A Tyrannosaurus Rex nose is really long. When a Tyrannosaurus rex smells it goes all the way to its brain so it can think what was it that it could smell.

It is Really fun learning about dinosaurs why don't you learn about dinosaurs a dinosaurs is the biggest creator on the planet. You can also pretended that you are a paleontologist.