Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Term 2 Writing sample

Aisha weekend

In the weekend I went to Mount Ruapehu with my family.I made snow balls with my sister because there was snow there.

After we finished we threw the snowballs at each other.Next we made big snowball’s.

Then we made a medium one and a small one.”Do you know what we are making”Yes I do we are making a snowman. After we finished it we tried to make a snowman.

We used play-doh for the mouth and we used a carrot for the nose also a scarf for her neck.We used some lollies for her eyes and guess what it was a girl.My mum and dad were in the car.

I felt so happy that I smiled.When i finished playing with the snow I felt so cold that I couldn't even move my feet and hands.”Are you cold Aisha”she asked me.

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