Friday, 4 September 2015

The Smallest Circus In The World

The Smallest Circus In The World

After you have read the story, you are going to write a retell of what happened, so we are summarizing in the correct order what happened.

For example. Leo Mousini was the star attraction at the Circus for years.

1.Leo Mousini was the famous circus person. He did all sorts of tricks. He even teached Mitzi and Mack and they are mice.  

2.Leo Mousini did Cartwheels and he rides on a  unicycle and teached other people.

3.Leo Mousini trained before he went to the circus.

4.Leo Mousini got old and when he got old he was so sad that his back started hearted.

5.When Leo Mousini got old he did another circus but he didn't just go to people houses he called out.

6.Leo mousini teached the Mitzi and Make some tricks and then they became circus  mice clowns.

They lived happily ever after.

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