Thursday, 14 May 2015


On a cloudy starless night there was a young boy who was sitting all alone in a freezing dark forest tosting some delicious marshmallows.

When the boy was about to eat his toasted marshmallow a monster popped out of the beautiful blue lake. The boy felt terrified! The monster looked like a crocodile, he was big and green. He had large, round, yellow eyes and sharp, pointy teeth.

Jimmy held out the delicious marshmallow stick up like a sword to the Monster’s face.When the monster saw the marshmallow stick he acted cute, the monster started behaving like a dog, he got up and  he did all sorts of tricks, like a flipping upside down.

Suddenly the boy realised he had no marshmallows left! So the monster stopped acting cute and he became angry and disappointed. Jimmy felt hopeless. The monster began to act like if he was going to eat jimmy.

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