Friday, 29 May 2015

The Switch

Mr Bean was strolling alone eating his tasty dinner, licking his fingers. Suddenly a giant shiny white box fell on his forehead.The giant white box fell  to the ground and Mr Bean gave it an almighty kick with his toes .

Next he saw a really shiny box that had unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere .He kept kicking it and  kicking it with his toejam feet. He was very furious.Then he looked at a tower of blocks and climbed  the tower of blocks .IT  was like a sky tower.  

Balancing precariously  Mr Bean lept of  the tower of blocks with a humongous  jump.He was not successful at landing on the box instead he crashed onto the icy ground. He hurt himself badly. When he landed on his head, he saw underneath the glinting shiny box ,a red button.

Mr Bean was very curious to see what the button did so he suddenly decided to press it. He was very cautious of pressing the button, he moved away slightly and hesitated. He was thinking whether he should press the button or not. He thought to himself, ‘Hmmmm I don’t  care, I’m just going to push it’

The box started to spin rapidly, making Mr Bean look confused. Suddenly he saw that the shiny box had sucked his tie towards it. He desperately tried to resist the box, but he couldn’t, he was really stuck. He looked worried.  

Next Mr Bean’s legs  were stuck inside. In an instant the box sucked him in completely and he disappeared. The box spun around with Mr Bean in it,  trying to get out. The shiny box then made another small box with ties on it. Mr Bean is gone!

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