Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy Face Biscuits

Happy Face Biscuits

Last week, room 11 and 12 made some delicious Happy face biscuits.

We used lolly snakes for our mouth, also we used chocolate chips for our noses and m&m’s for our wonderful eyes.

Once we finished our happy face biscuits, Miss Thompson then took a photo of us with our happy faces.

Finally we sat down and ate our Yummy happy face biscuits.

Screenshot 2015-04-28 at 22.16.04.pngI love Happy face biscuits!!!!

Motat adventure

Thursday, 23 April 2015

immersion Assembly

On Monday morning the whole of Pt England school went to the immersion assembly in the school hall with their lovely teachers. We went to the immersion assembly because we needed to know what was our topic for term 2.

My favourite part of the immersion assembly was when Mr barks very carefully carried out his hovercraft.His hovercraft was made successfully out of plywood plastic tape and a leaf blower.It was entertaining when Mr Somervillle went for an exiting ride to try it out

My favourite team was team 1,3,and,4.Team 1 was my favourite because they were learning about Healthy food and healthy food is my favourite because it is healthy food.Think about all that yummy sandwiches  and that long burger.IT LOOKED SO DELICIOUS sanwiches and burgers!!!

It was Amazing at the immersion Assembly.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Empathy means caring for others and sharing things with others,s also empathetic means encourage others and sharing  anther person's feeling's experience etc; Ability to identify oneself mentally means  example work of art that one is looking at and so to understand it's meaning.Empathy also means giving money to poor people.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


The  coaches names were  Alen leone and Alouisea.We didn't go on a bus we walked to the swimming pool.The swimming pool is not far away from pt England school.When you enter through the swimming pool there is a pool for adults and a pool for children  and a pool  for babies.The floor was really slippery.The first time we were going to the swimming pool Alen came outside.outside. Alen came outside and talked to us about some things like going in and in and out.In the middle of the pool it is deep so the swimming coaches put a bench so we can stand on it.You always go there with a smile on yiur face you do not go there with a angry face.You must listen to the coach.When I went under water i was blowing bubbles.

Maker space

Mr Barks is the teacher for maker space.In maker space we build things like a waka.This week      
1.we have been making a waka.

2.When we made a straight line on our wood we waited in the line for Mr barks to cut our wood.

3.In the old music room Mr Barks is teaching kids how to yous tools at all times.Mr Barks is also teaching us how to yous the tools safely. After a short time Mr Barks handed some more tools out.Sitting on the cold concrete we practiced using a hammer.

Malama Honua

On Wednesday the Malama honua  voyage will be welcomed on to the sandy shores of Pt England.All 12 schools in the Manaiakalani cluster will be performing 3 waiatas as the waka comes towards the beach.

Easter Activity

Pt England school picnic!!!

On Friday we had our school picnic it was a bit foggy but then it got extremely  hot.Our whole school Pt England went to the beach for a picnic.

My favourite thing was Karaoke  IT WAS AMAZING!!!
Because singing is my favourite thing.\

My 2nd favourite thing is building  sandcastles.
because sand is nice and soft and i likesoft things.

I feldt AMAZING!! and WONDERFULL!!! because the beach is my FAVOURITE!!! Place.The sand is soft and grassy.