Friday, 30 October 2015

Information about a stegosaurus

Screenshot 2015-10-23 at 10.46.16.png
A stegosaurus lived 155 to 150 years ago and it also lived in the late jurassic period. A stegosaurus weight 6,800 pounds it was a size of a bus.

A stegosaurus ate ferns and seed cones on the forest floor and it also was walking slowly and it had 4 legs

A stegosaurus is 9 meters long and 4 meters tall. A stegosaurus was a herberfor.

Friday, 9 October 2015

snow balls

Day 1: traveling
Relating to my story in the holidays,I went to Mount Ruapahu to enjoy playing real snow along with my family. 
It took almost 4 hours to reach Whakapapa village witch is at the bottom of happy valley. As we arrived at village we stopped for a while to get some information from i office then we drove all the way up to happy Valley. The view is really amazing from above there. The parking was full but we found a space for us to park.
We got our cards to board cable transportation to the top of Mount Ruapahu twice.
The top was full of spectators many of them were skiing and the parents were sitting in the cafe looking of the vast scenery around Ruapahu. We spend 4 hours on the top and then at 4:00 pm. We came down through cable  it was abet scary for those afraid of height.

Day 2: Toupo Sightseeing
Lake Toupo is very beautiful because it has got a lot of fun parks that you can play on. Lake Toupo is full of swan and ducks with there little babies. I enjoyed playing games with family in the park. We had a picnic party by the lake. We fed the ducks and swan.

Huka fall river is another attraction to see crystal clear blue water with high pressure and sound. We had been to look out over the thermal plant there was too much smoke but it was a amazing view.

The raining started so we had to leave for Rotorua . In Rotorua we went to skyline and at skyline we went on the gabong to get on the luge. It was really enjoyable experience and I was lucky to have four trips on the luge and then I was tired and hungry to eat the yummy food and Chicken burger My mother prepared for us. We had our picnic and food by the lake Wakareka.

After picnic we went to Rotorua government house. We took a lot of photos with Tulip flowers of many colors and Rotorua this spring is full of Tulip.  At last we started our journey back home. This trip will always stay in my memories. Finally home sweet home.