Saturday, 16 May 2015



The holy month of Ramadan is the month fasting.It is my favrite month.The fating start’s from sunrise to sunset.Every day breaking fast is festive.When the whole family come together to break the fast worship and pray to gether.

I prefer my parent to wake me up for sahur (Meal before sunrise)I do enjoy to perform all the good deeds such as paying charity ,helping the poor ,be paise and abstain all kind of waste and bad deeds.

I like to join my family to mosque to perform Taraweeh that is when the recitation of the holy Quran take place I love to listen to holy book for hours.When we come back home my mother offer me sweet such as dates,Baqlawas,
and kadife and roohafza drinks.

At the end of the holy month we celebrate the festival of eid that is when early morning after sunrise we pray eid and then we go to visit our friends and they visit us.He get eidy cash and then the Auckland city council and FIANZ invite the whole community to the carnival at alexandra park or Eden park.I love to go on all rides and bouncy castle.I enjoy eating different food from different places.
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