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What Is Matariki?
Every year there is a Maori new year and it is called Matariki. During Matariki you can eat yummy food and play with your friends. Matariki starts when you can see the seven special stars in the sky.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki
This is one of the stories of Matariki.Once there was a mother and a father.The mother had children.They splitted their parents in half.The sun got angry so he pulled out Tawhirimatea eyes and it became the stars.

How To See Matariki

Maori New Year -
In Matariki you can eat delicious food dance to songs or you could make maori things.You could make something with harakeke.You could bring your bring your friends over and play hand games.

Maori New Year -
traditional celebrations
You could practise a new haka or if you learned a haka from a maori class you could practise practise and practise so you can be the best performer.It is very importent to follow the maori body actions during the kapahaka.

Maori New Year - today
During Matariki in special places like Mission bay there are special events like flying kites & hot air balloons & concerts and special events.

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