Thursday, 18 June 2015

The lighthouse

On a dull starless, stormy night a old stone lighthouse was rotating it’s light around the town.

The lighthouse keeper was doing some work by candle he couldn't
concentrate because people were cheering and laughing in their cosy cottages and a tavern. Suddenly the window opened.
‘Oh dear I wonder what is happening?” Mr Monkey slammed the window shut and looked back down at his work. Next he heard a loud bang, like a clap of thunder, then the light at the top of the lighthouse ran out. “Oh dear,” he thought to himself.
Suddenly all the cheering and laughing stopped.

He got up from his chair so that he could fix the problem, but he fell as he ran up the stairs carrying a lantern. Mr Monkey saw the machine with its mechanical cogs and wheels and stared at it for a few seconds, wondering how to fix the broken light. “Oh  nothing wrong here,” he thought. So he ran down the stairs

Mr Monkey opened the light bulb to see what was wrong. He then looked outside and saw a boat coming towards the treacherous headland. Mr Monkey looked panicked. He then precariously lifted the enormous lamp and stumbled backwards because of his toolbox which he had left on the ground. The enormous lamp shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces. The boat was coming closer, poor Mr Monkey looked like he was going to have a heart attack. Mr Monkey ran down the stairs and opened the door to get help.Some of his neighbors came with a lantin.

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